Episode 142

Authentically living 100% Full Throttle

Published on: 23rd January, 2023

Join me for the 6 week intensive Fear to Freedom beginning in February. Apply now via www.lindsaysutherland.com/fear-to-freedom

Gut Check: Are you 100% expressing your passion & truth in every situation in your life?

If you even sense a glimmer of doubt, this episode is for you.

You are in the right place if you are tired of masking yourself, concealing your truth for the sake of others feelings or social norms... or for any reason at all.

Join me in accepting the challenge to live your authentic passionate vibrant Self in every area of your life.

In this episode I share how I'm doing that in a few ways.

One is by rebranding this podcast. It's been on my mind to do this for awhile now. I've resisted because I feared losing followers. I feared losing the results of hard work I've put in. I've feared upsetting you, the listener.

But, I haven't been giving 100% of myself to you. I've been masking it under the guise of "building a brand." And beginning now, I vow to make that different. I vow to only show up 100% heart wide open... Full Throttle.

I'm showing up differently in my marriage. In my relationships with friends and even strangers.

I'm speaking my truth with grace and from a compassionate place, even if it is uncomfortable. Even if it feels clunky.

Have you ever witnessed your child after a big growth spurt bumping into things or suddenly getting owies? This is normal for anyone who grows even if growth is happening internally.

But, as I mention in the podcast, the more we stay consistent with our plan, the more natural and normal it becomes.

Are you ready to leap into your truth with both feet?

Let's go!

Join me for the 6 week intensive Fear to Freedom beginning in February. Apply now via www.lindsaysutherland.com/fear-to-freedom

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