Episode 151

The Importance of Choosing A Topic For Your Online Business- The Birthplace of Any Successful Business.mp3

Published on: 8th March, 2023

Wether it is an Amazon store, course creation, YouTube monetization, or Blogging - Every SUCCESSFUL online entrepreneur will tell you to build your business around a single TOPIC.

This episode will explain the importance of this point and help you explore your passions, skills, and interests to determine an online business topic to focus on.

Connect with Lindsay at www.lindsaysutherland.com

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An innocent mistake people make is researching online "how to make money online." This search phrase is guaranteed to take you down a bunny hole of information overwhelm. What you need to do is build a business around your interests and hobbies and monetize it in many ways.

Build an online business that is designed FOR you BY you without the overwhelm, chaos, and random information that you try to stitch together.

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Your host Lindsay Sutherland left her corporate career in the automotive industry to chase a dream of living in a log cabin in the woods with her family. Losing both of her parents before retirement fueled her desire to live her dream life without waiting for someday. Now, she leads others through their own transformative journey of living a meaningful joy filled life. Connect with Lindsay on her website or by email.

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Mom of 4 who left my 20 year career (and city life) to live in a log cabin in the woods. I am passionate about helping families get back to their roots by spending more time with each other. The vehicle to make that possible is passive income which is why this podcast is all about building multiple streams of income!